Is Clint Eastwood Losing His Shit?
Clint Eastwood believes that Obama is the “greatest hoax” ever played on the American Public. Now, this statement should carry weight, since he is 82 years old and has been around long enough to know some pretty great hoaxes. For example, he was 8 years old on the date of the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast, where a majority of the public missed the opening statements about the following story being fiction, and all believed that the world was under attack from alien invaders and that major cities were being wiped out. Can you imagine being in one of those cities, and being told that you were dead?

Or how about Clifford Irving, who supposedly was contracted by notorious recluse Howard Hughes for his bio/memoir. He landed a huge upfront sum for his book deal, and produced a novel that turned out to be entirely made up. That’s a pretty big hoax.

No, the fact that the majority of Americans voted for Barack Obama is actually the biggest hoax to date. Thank you Clint Eastwood. And here I was thinking that the biggest hoax was actually J. Edgar, or perhaps Blood Work. But perhaps if I saw a Barack Obama that clearly no one else can see, I might start thinking it was a hoax as well.


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